ive been tagged by batchmox to answer questions:

Name: sorytoc residence

Nickname: sorry

Birthday: 25, May

Gender: female

Average hours of sleep: as much as i can get, next term uni only starts after 12 am

The last Thing i googled was: weed heals flu?

what i last said to a Family member: my friends are cooler than Graffiti

one place that makes me happy and why: my bed (sleep/sex)

how many blankets i sleep under: two

favourite beverage: milk

the last movie i watched in Cinema was: Tom a la fèrme (Xavier Dolan!!)

three things i cant live without: books, cigarettes and sex

something i plan on learning: making a movie, not spilling anything, languages

a piece of advice for all my followers: hide more often

my blogs: sorytoc-residence/empire, griebsch, legierung

you have to listen to this song: Album: dark night of the soul dangermouse and sparklehorse

i tag: geschmacksneutral, yxvision, theukros, anyone who likes to


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